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This is my opinion and I made it thanks to the experience I’ve got in this style of music and some information I’ve been getting from the internet.


Main sources of information:


Techno Guide

I made this post for the people who don’t know what’s Techno Trance or Hands Up, who are confused about that and who want to know about it.

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This is a very important thing you should keep in mind: a music genre is something abstract. A person just calls it whatever to make the difference between some different songs. The problem comes when different people call it in a different way.

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I'm going to explain the main differences between "Techno Trance" and "Hands Up". 

Both are almost the same and are a mix between Eurodance (Synth and “sensation on moving” produced in the person who listen it) which comes from the Techno; and Trance (It only influences a bit usually with echo and slow fades in/out).


Techno Trance is also written as Techno-Trance and TechnoTrance. It was mainly supported by North-European artists and it had its best times between 2005 and 2009 with artist like DJ Splash, East Clubbers, Candy Crew, etc. Now a days there are no artists who make Techno Trance songs at this level and what's more, there's almost no artist who make it. Nissie IncDJ VI or DJ Bauz are examples of people who try to still make this style of music eventhough their styles are pretty close to Hands Up. The main differences are that It seldom has vocals while Hands Up frequently or always has them, that it uses a higher pitch and that Techno Trance is more like "Trancy" than Hands Up, it doesn't pretend to make you move, it's more relaxing since it's a mix between Eurodance (Synth and “sensation on moving” produced in the person who listen it) which comes from the Techno; and Trance (It only influences a bit usually with echo and slow fades in/out). Since not so many composers used this term, the similarity of this music to the Hands Up and the end of Techno Trance’s best years ended in a forgotten term and an unknown genre.


Hands Up, this term was invented by the german DJ Manian (which is one of the two members of TuneUp!) in 2003 but this music started some years before. It's directly evolved from the Eurodance, yet many people says it came from the "Remember" (Eurodance subgenre). As I said, apart from the vocals, Hands Up tries harder to get the people into a dance mood.


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*Example of Hands Up by Italo Brothers:


*Example of Techno Trance by DJ Splash ft. DJ Zola (Candy Crew):


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How to distinguish this music (Techno Trance) from another type of music


*Trance itself tries to get you in that state and Hardcore is like going wild in a party, they both try to increase these sensations to the maximum.



Techno Trance

As I said before, it’s a relaxing mix with Techno.



Eurodance is a nightclub oriented kind music that is commercial enough to be played by radio stations and music television. They main goal of this style is to make you dance/move.



It's a way to call the more "Trancy" EuroDance.


Uplifting Trance

It’s the nearest trance subgenre to Techno Trance. It’s slower and the main objective of it is getting in a trance mood, that's why it’s a Trance subgenre.


Progressive Trance

It’s a style which start with few instruments and during the song the number of instruments increase. Now a day the progressive is really common so this genre has become like a “commercial trance” and the progressive style is in almost every music genre too.


Dream Trance

It tries to get you in a relaxing dream, more or less is like the definition of trance but there are a lot of ways to get into trance and this one is one of them.


Tech Trance

First of all, don't mix it up with Techno Trance. This one it’s a trance subgenre but incorporates some techno elements.


Happy Hardcore

It’s the nearest hardcore subgenre to Techno Trance. The two main characteristics are its speed (~170 BPM) and the 4/4 beat. It’s a hardcore subgenre so it tries to get the people who listen the song into a non stop dancing state. It usually has echo in some parts of the tracks too so in that parts sometimes it seems it’s trance.


UK Hardcore

It evolved from the Happy Hardcore and the main difference is that this one has a harder beat and bass.



The main characteristic is that it has a beat which tries to get you into the Jumpstyle dance, a style of dancing which is exclusive from this subgenre and Hardstyle.



In my channel you may not difference a Techno Trance, an Uplifting Trance and an UK or Happy Hardcore song (The most important genres I upload). That’s why I made three different wallpapers, to let you know if the song is Techno Trance (yellow), Trance (blue), Happy Hardcore (pink) or UK Hardcore (purple).



*Example of Techno Trance by DJ Splash & B0unc3:


*Example of Uplifting Trance by DJ Contacreast:


*Example of Happy Hardcore by Vau Boy:


*Example of UK Hardcore by S3RL:


*Example of EuroDance by 2 Unlimited:


*Example of EuroTrance by Onda Del Futuro:


*Example of Progressive Trance by Armin van Buuren:

*Example of Dream Trance by Robert Miles:

*Example of Tech Trance by Sam Sharp:

*Example of Jumpstyle by DJ Porny:


I hope it was helpful :D




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  • #1

    Kestrel0907 (Friday, 07 December 2012 19:09)

    So basically, to make things more simple, techno trance, anime trance, happy trance, or God knows what other strange extra trance genres are present on youtube are just some hobbies of today's youtube culture, or to say so, habbits(if it's a bad or good habbit it depends on you, but i think it's a good one mainly because it sticks other people on these heavilly unpopular genres).
    If you take a look into the majority of trance uploaders on youtube you will notice most of them uploads a mixture of handsup, (the good old)eurodance, italo-style, and jumpstyle.
    Another dispute would be over techno, techno is the very first electronic genre, if you do a search over youtube, you will find out that many people confuses it with handsup and/or 8-bit music.
    That's pretty much false, techno(in my opinion) is a very dull genre, it's very repetitive and has weak acid synthesizers, a great example would be Dopplereffect - Superiour Race( , and if you need more, search classic techno 199x - 2000 mix, the text in the video has to have a yellow font, the Blade - Vampire rave, or what is it called is just a exception in my taste, and it's bass seems to have gotten into handsup(Splash's Face Down Ass Up is a good example))
    I think that this techno-trance fandom is just a term invented for people who love the old handsup style(myself included), when it was had many influences by trance.
    One thing is certain though about all of these genres:
    They are VERY confusing and similar to eachother and you can hardly make a difference.
    Hard trance,italo-style and jumpstyle to handsup is a great example.
    (i would have written more, but i'm in a hurry)

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    progressive trance (Wednesday, 21 October 2015 02:48)

    Thanks for the great post on your blog, it really gives me an insight on this topic.

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    electronic music radio stations (Wednesday, 04 November 2015 04:13)

    What a great post. I’m really like it! Very, very dgdeeac good!