The DJ Splash Awards

*The first winner of The DJ Splash Awards is:

DJ Zekno ~ Imagine The Rain


*Honorable mentions:

DJ Spyroof ~ Make It Fresh

Partyblazter ~ Chance 2 Dance (DJ KS Remix)

DJ Fibuko ~ Splash of Life

Bass Corp & "The DJ Splash Collection"

So here it is, the only song DJ Splash made using another alias.

Furthermore you can download the updated DJ Splash collection.

1080p & Background lights

The 4 templates are now in 1080p and have background lights.

You can know more about it in 'pictures'.

Reuploading + New songs

I'll be reuploading some Happy Hardcore songs with the new background and some in better quality too, as well as some new songs ;)

Also a Twitter Account!

So I also made an official Twitter Account ;)

The DJ Splash Collection is now available. And it's free :D

+1'5k Subs & +1M Views

Many many thanks people. You are absolutely awesome \^O^/

I can't really thank you the properly way it should be, so this is the best thing I came up with... 

Here you are, The DJ Splash Collection :DDD

Free Downloads!

A Free Downloads section has been added.

Check it out